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The CT scan of my left and right lung from January versus the CT scan of my left and right lung from March (approximately 7 weeks after seeing Dr. Parrish just twice) indicated that I am Cancer free!  Praise God!


Jacksonville, FL

As you may have suspected, I was a bit skeptical about the water, but indeed when I got home after the almost-an-hour drive my hip did not hurt...
- I was astounded! Thank you!"


Tallahassee, FL

I have been legally deaf for many years. During one of several sessions with Dr. Parrish, I had a loud pop in my ear. I was able to hear out of that ear for the first time in years.  I still have the hearing I gained from that session all these months later.

Thomasville, GA

I suffered from nearly daily migraines for the last 9 months.  My headaches included nausea, light sensitivity, and sound sensitivity.  I had seen several doctors to deal with these terrible headaches.  A friend suggested that I try a visit with Dr. Parrish for Bio-magnetic pairing.  After the first magnet therapy, I felt better!  The headache cycle was finally broken.  Where no medication had been able to stop the headache cycle, Bio-magnetic pairing worked for me.


Tallahassee, FL

Thank you soo much for connecting me with Dr. Parrish!  Session went so fantastic...feel great and no pain !! Am riding in daughter's backseat to surgeon in FW and tempted to try to sit as good as I'm feeling!  Remarkable!!


(Text from a client treated for tumor in her rectum.)


"Dr. Charlene Parrish is now departing Dallas. She leaves a few

of Dallas residents more healthy and alive, while they perform on a higher

level. Some of these clients of Dr. Parrish will be artfully making

beautiful music, coaching and training others in relationships, and

marketing creatively. Thank you Dr. Parrish! Please continue your work

here in Dallas, Texas."

One of the residents of Dallas, Texas

"This is long overdue, but thank you Charlene Manley Batts Parrish! You've helped take me from 350 lbs, a size 28, on 6 antidepressants, and absolutely miserable to as of today, 189 lbs, a size 12, still losing weight, training for a 5K, and feeling as good as I did 20 years ago with no pharmaceuticals. God sent you into my life at just the right time to change everything, and I am so very grateful!"


Tallahassee, FL

I have known Dr. Parrish for several years. I have used her for various medical problems that were bothersome and chronic in nature over the years. She introduced me to Bio Magnetic Pairing for treatment for a couple of things. I was skeptical at first. I am that way by nature. After going through the treatment, I noticed I did not have those issues anymore. Then I used it for a more serious situation, and I don't have that any longer. I would suggest to anyone that you would consult with her and give the Bio Magnetic Pairing a chance. It's painless and basically inexpensive. It worked for me.

 I had been tired for over a year. I went to bed tired, I wake up tired. I had a raspy voice 95% of the time.  I am not one to go to a Medical Doctor but broke down as no matter what supplements I took, I was not improving. After may blood tests they wanted to medicate me with anti-depressants.  I refused. I was not depressed, I was tired. I did not enjoy sleeping, I only slept out of necessity! Then on my way to Publix I saw the " Natural Doctor" sign. After our first meeting, I got my supplements in order, my diet back on track but best of all  the Bio Magnetic Pairing changed my life! I am not tired anymore! Did you hear? I am not tired any more! The concrete block I drug around with me is gone. Woo Hoo! My knee does not hurt, my brain fog has lifted and my breathing is clearer. My overall health is just better.


 Debra Kay  

"I am looking and feeling soooooo much better!"


JH Moultrie, GA.

My 9 year old daughter had gained alot of weight in just a few weeks last summer.  She had always been petite  I I thought it was a growth spurt thing but she never lost it.  I noticed she was always hungry and she had never been this way.  Dr. Parrish found a related virus and a thyroid imbalance and did the biogmagnetic pairing for these.  A few weeks later she was losing weight and not always hungry.  She acts like my little girl again.



The intensity of this woman (of God) is off the charts! The precision of her Natural Doctor work is none other than incredibly amazing! Much like that of laser surgery! I left my first session equipped cleansed and charged. Dr. Parrish, thank you! Six weeks can't get here soon enough - session two!

Kellie H. Hunter

You spent a lot of time on me today. Thank you... I haven't met anyone that felt as genuine as you in a very long time! You are indeed blessed with a multitude of gifts and I feel blessed just for having met you!

One of Dr. Parrish's patients

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A testamonial from one of our cancer survivors

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