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I have been on a diet since third grade. That would really be funny if it were not so sad. It really wasn’t that I was obese as a child; it was just that I was built so differently than my siblings. I always thought of myself as enormous. I now understand that it is not normal for a young child to have such body awareness.

That is all so dark and disturbing and not at all what this book is about. I am down right giddy about my weight loss and excited to share it all with you. This is also not a religious book, but you need to know I cannot separate my faith from my success on this diet. Many have prayed for me and for that I have a very grateful heart.

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"My personal daily notes on how I maintain a 100 pound weight loss year after year." Written by Charlene M. Parrish, ND, the author of "30 Pounds In 3 Weeks!” This is an interactive 30 day devotional plan for practical dieting. Dr. Parrish shares her personal insight, challenges, successful thoughts, and practical prayers.

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